A project of this scope requires a multifaceted team with extensive experience in community outreach, design, and construction, including specialty skills in surveying and mapping, and property and easement acquisition. The Ruidoso Sewer Line Team includes locally based experts who have worked extensively in New Mexico, as well as experts with a national perspective on FEMA-funded projects. Working in partnership with the Village of Ruidoso and the City of Ruidoso Downs, the team will develop cost-effective solutions for the residents and businesses affected by the Sewer Line Relocation Project.

The Ruidoso Sewer Line Team consists of:

Village of RuidosoThe Village is the fiscal agent and holds the overall responsibility for successful implementation and completion of the project. The Village is responsible for almost 7% of the total project costs. Additional information can be found at www.Ruidoso-NM.gov.

City of Ruidoso Downs: The City will work in collaboration with the Village to review the design and construction approaches for the portion of the sewer line that is within the Ruidoso Downs city limits. The City will be fiscally responsible for 15% of the Village of Ruidoso’s 7% match for the small portion of the line that is within Ruidoso Downs city limits. Additional information can be found at www.RuidosoDowns.us.

D.T. Collins and Associates: Since 1988, D.T. Collins has provided full-service land surveying throughout Lincoln County. D.T. Collins will provide the surveying needs for the design and construction of the project. www.dtcollins.com

Molzen Corbin is a full-service engineering, architecture, planning and consulting company with offices in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Carlsbad. Molzen Corbin will provide design evaluation and
and project engineering consisting of primarily repair and rehabilitation of the existing sewer line with additional in-river improvements designed to protect the sewer line from flood hazards. www.molzincorbin.com

High Water Mark will provide environmental and water resource management services including rehabilitation oversight and post-project appraisal. www.high-watermark.com

Contact: 575-973-3963